2015 | Through Lens of European Photographers | Guangdong

Marking the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Europe, 12 European photographers were invited by the Guangdong government to join a tour called “Guangdong through Lenses of European Photographers.” An official ceremony kicking off the tour was held at the Guangzhou Library on Monday.

During the ceremony, Zhang Zhigan, the executive deputy director of the Information Office of Guangdong, said that it was the first time the Guangdong government had invited foreign photographers to the province. He hoped that the European guests can capture the beauty of Guangdong so that Europeans and people from around the world can discover the many fascinating sights of the province.

The photographers come from Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Hungary. Lucio Trizzino, a renowned Italian photographer, heads the tour group. He said that he was honored to be invited to Guangdong, noting that Marco Polo introduced China to Europeans a millennium ago. He always wanted to visit China and hopes to take photos that will enable Europeans to discover the charms of Guangdong.

After the ceremony, the photographers began their nine-day tours to 15 cities of Guangdong. The first stop was Guangzhou. They explored the landmarks and typical attractions of Guangzhou including Huacheng Square, Chimelong Paradise, and Lychee Bay. They were excited to see the modern buildings in Huacheng Square. Canton tower, the new landmark of Guangzhou, was captured trough the lenses of their cameras from different angles.

On the second day, the photographers continued their tour to the China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone Nansha Area of Guangzhou. After seeing the Guangzhou Nansha New City Planning Model, they were attracted by an interesting photography exhibition that presents the history, culture and development of the Nansha District. An interactive system presented with a bicycle and a huge screen in the exhibition caught the visiting photographers’ attention. One photographer jumped on the bike. The view from the screen changed when riding the bike, simulating travel around Nansha.

Our European guests will continue their journey to the different cities in Guangdong splitting up into 4 groups exploring the different characteristics of this province. On May 18, they will come back to Guangzhou as the end of this journey.

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